Steel City Charity Screenings for Equality Now and Western PA Charities


CSTS Pittsburgh 2022: Thank you!

Posted by Chris on July 10, 2022 at 3:30 PM

Thanks to everyone who came to this year’s “Serenity Under the Stars" screening. We hope you all had a shiny time. With your help, we raised $800.00 for Equality Now and the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council.

The winners of our raffle boxes last night were Robert Kasper, Rebecca Carlson, Chas Conn, Christine Anderson and Leslie Pelakh. Jason Bondra won the shiny door prize, and Gia Lasalle was the winner of our first-time viewers raffle. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets.

We want to express our thanks once again to our sponsors Geek Frontiers and Jump Cut Theater, who made the licensing and ticketing for this year's event possible, as well as Academy Pittsburgh and Looking for Group, who provided the audio and visual equipment that made the outdoor screening possible.

Also, special thanks to Susan Mazur of Jump Cut Theater for bringing popcorn and candy for all in attendance.


75% of the proceeds from last night's event will be donated to Equality Now, and 25% to the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council. Thank you, Western PA Browncoats! Your love keeps us in the air, and together we've done the impossible once again!

We'll see you in 2023.

Keep flyin',

Cap'n Chris 

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