Steel City Charity Screenings for Equality Now and Western PA Charities


CSTS Pittsburgh 2021- Thanks for a shiny shindig!

Posted by Chris on August 7, 2021 at 11:40 AM

On behalf of the entire crew of Can't Stop the Serenity Pittsburgh, I want to thank everyone for helping to make this year's "Serenity Under the Stars" such a shiny and successful shindig. Our event raised $815.00 for Equality Now and the Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. I am all manner of grateful to all of you for that.


Special thanks to our long-time sponsors, Geek Frontiers, who covered the film licensing, and Jump Cut Theater, who handled ticket sales, as well as Academy Pittsburgh and Looking for Group (LFG), who provided the audio and visual equipment that made this year's outdoor screening possible.


Congratulations to our prize winners as well. Gianni Downs, Chuck Gould, Richard Franklin, Camilla Hendrych and Rebecca Carlson had the tickets that were drawn for our prize baskets. Susan Mazur won the "door prize," and Saturn Lange was the winner of our first-time viewers' raffle.


Please don't forget to visit our website frequently for updates on CSTS merchandise (we're still hopeful there will be an online t-shirt sale this year), CSTS events and other goings on that a Pittsburgh Browncoat would find of interest. Please take a moment to look at the "Links" page, which lists the many donors who make it possible for you to win prizes at our events. Please try to give them your patronage whenever its possible and appropriate. We also work hard to try to keep the calendar page up to date, because we know there's more to being a geek in the Steel City than CSTS. Speaking of which, there are some local events (and one not-so-local event) coming up that I want to let you know about.


Steel City Con will take place at the convention center in Monroeville (your vacation destination) next weekend, August 13-15. There are no Whedonverse guests scheduled to appear, but if you'd still like to take a look, you can get all the details at steelcitycon.com. The West Virginia Pop Culture Con will be in Morgantown at the Mylan Park Expo Center the weekend of August 28-29. Despite its name, this con is very much an old-school event that focuses on comics and video games. For more info, go to facebook.com/WVPop/. Also, Pittsburgh's inaugural Momento Con will be at the David L. Lawrence Center on September 4-5. Both Mark Sheppard (Badger from Firefly) and Clare Kramer (Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be appearing at this one. For more information, visit momentocon.com.


And finally, if you're feeling a real case of geeky Wanderlust, this year's Browncoat Ball will be held in Salem, Massachusetts from September 10-12. If you're not familiar with this annual shindig, then you'd best head over to browncoatball.com/2021/ and learn what it's all about. I attended my first Browncoat Ball in 2017 in Gettysburg, and I can honestly say that every hardcore Browncoat should experience this at least once. (Though once you do, you'll want to do it again.) We do have a contingent of Pittsburgh Browncoats headed to the BCB this year, so if you go, you know you'll see some familiar faces in addition to making lots of new friends.


And depending upon the state of the 'verse as we head into the fall and winter seasons, we might not be done for the year yet either. We might not have any more in-person events, but we are looking at ways we might be able to keep doin' good works. The best way to stay up to date is to visit our website, where you'll find links on the homepage that'll help you find us on Twitter and Facebook too.


I think that's a wrap. Thanks again for a shiny "Serenity Under the Stars," and we look forward to seeing you again at CSTS Pittsburgh 2022 next summer. Until then, we'll see you in the world.


Keep flyin',


Cap'n Chris Tobias

PA Browncoats, Rivers & Bridges Brigade

Local Event Coordinator, Can't Stop the Serenity Pittsburgh

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