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CSTS 2020 Patches/Sean Faust "Signal" Download Cards/Joss Whedon

Posted by Chris on February 12, 2021 at 8:10 PM

Gong Hei Fat Choy!


Happy New Year of the Ox, everyone! Couldn't think of a better time to send a broadwave to my favorite brigade of Browncoats.


I'm writing to let you all know about two opportunities to snag some Serenity-related merch.


First of all, when most CSTS events were cancelled last year, global scrapped their plans to have individual events pre-order CSTS 2020 patches, which resulted in the order we'd placed to use as prizes at our events being cancelled. But thanks to our friends the Albuquerque Browncoats, the patches were resurrected, and you can now order yourself one online along with other CSTS 2020 merchandise at the CSTS store on the global website:




If the $15.00 price tag seems steep, remember that the patch is 6" and stitched in 11 colors! I ordered one and was really pleased with how fast it arrived and how shiny it looks. Although there was a deadline of January 31 mentioned on Facebook, as of tonight the website was still allowing orders. If you want one though, I'd suggest you order it right away.


Secondly, our good friend and longtime supporter Sean Faust has a limited number of download cards for his song "Signal" (which was inspired by Serenity) available for purchase. The download card is $5.00 and comes with a sticker, and 50% of the sale goes to charity, with 25% going to Equality Now and 25% to the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge. Those who are interested in purchasing a card can find more information here:



Get 'em while you can, because they won't last long.


And finally, I don't want anyone to think that the crew and I aren't very aware of the current controversy surrounding Joss Whedon. And yes, given the nature of that controversy, the irony that we're screening one of his films for the benefit of Equality Now isn't lost on us. At some point CSTS global might address this, but we're not going to hold our breath until that happens, because there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of anything in the way of communication coming from global at this point. As I mentioned before, we were the only city to hold a live screening last year, and if you go to the global website, it looks like 2020 never happened and there's no mention of a 2021 campaign. To be honest, we don't know what this might mean for the future of CSTS globally, but we still love Serenity, its story, its characters, and everything they have come to represent. We still believe in the Browncoat fandom, their generosity in helping folk who need it and their enduring love that "keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down." While we would not condone or defend abusive behavior of any kind, nothing will change how we feel about the film and the fandom even if all of the allegations against Joss turn out to be true. We will of course defer to CSTS global, but at this time we have no intention of modifying our events here in Pittsburgh in any way.


What we do want to do is hold another event in 2021, and it's our hope that we'll be able to see you all at a mighty fine shindig this summer.


In the meantime, take care, stay safe and keep flying.


--- Cap'n Chris

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