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CSTS Pittsburgh 2020 "Serenity under the Stars:" Thank You!

Posted by Chris on September 8, 2020 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Howdy, all:


Just wanted to send you a quick wave to say thank you for a really shiny "Serenity Under the Stars" 15th annual Can't Stop the Serenity Pittsburgh charity screening. Your love kept her in the air even in the face of a global pandemic, and I for one can't help but feel humbled and very grateful because of your overwhelming support of the event. We had Browncoats in attendance from as far away as Philadelphia, State College, Cleveland and even Orlando!


Congratulations once again to the winners of our raffles:


Basket #1: Leslie Pelakh

Basket #2: Christine Anderson

Basket #3: Leslie Maynard

Jayne-Themed Door Prize Basket (courtesy Audrey Hackett of the Delaware Valley Brigade): Kyle Hibler

First-Time Viewers' Raffle (DVD copy of Serenity): Hilary Brown


I realized after the fact that I forgot to tell everyone the contents of the three raffle baskets. Here's what they contained:


  • Mal, Kaylee or River print autographed by the artist, Beth Zwolski Tobias, a.k.a. "The Chalk Girl" (no relation to this cap'n)
  • SDCC 2016 Firefly challenge coin
  • Firefly ruled journal
  • 2019 CSTS patch
  • 2020 CSTS Pittsburgh dog tag
  • Evil Dead 2 diorama
  • Cells at Work lab notebook
  • FCBD Thanos the First comic
  • SDCC The Tick comic
  • 2 vintage CSTS t-shirts (men's and women's)
  • pair of Naruto socks
  • set of 2 vintage CSTS buttons
  • Power Rangers Q-pop figurine
  • Spike "vamped" action figure
  • Loot Crate lapel pin
  • Equality Now magnet
  • set of 3 Firefly Cargo Bay Whedonverse buttons (Firefly and Agents of SHIELD)
  • Seattle Browncoats lanyard
  • Serenity key chain
  • Equality Now sticker
  • Sunnydale Slayers sticker
  • PA Browncoats sticker
  • Rivers and Bridges Brigade sticker
  • set of 2 rustic glasses


We don't have an exact donation figure yet, because we're waiting to see if we're going to have to ship any prizes to winners who were not present at the event, but you can look for an announcement soon on this website, Facebook and Twitter.


Thanks again to our sponsors, Geek Frontiers and Jump Cut Theater, as well as the donors of the projection and sound equipment for this year's screening, Academy Pittsburgh and Looking For Group (LFG).


And thanks once again to all of you. If anyone is not on our email list and would like to be added, just send me a wave and let me know. We hope to see you all next year for the 16th annual CSTS Pittsburgh!


Stay safe and keep flyin',


Cap'n Chris

Reserve your movie/raffle tickets now for CSTS Pittsburgh 2020: "Serenity under the Stars" (September 5)

Posted by Chris on August 13, 2020 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Howdy! I hope everyone is safe and healthy.


I'm sending this wave to give you some exciting news. Thanks to our friends and sponsors at Jump Cut Theater, movie and raffle tickets for our 15th annual CSTS Pittsburgh screening of "Serenity Under the Stars" are now available in exchange for appropriate donations to Equality Now and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.


To make your donations and secure your movie reservations and raffle entries, go to the Tickets/Merchandise page and click on the link for Jump Cut Theater's site.


A couple of quick notes about the movie and our raffles:

1. Your $15 donation reserves one spot for you at our screening. It does not allow you to bring guests. One $15 donation = one person watching the Big Damn Movie. If others are coming with you, they have to make their own $15 donations. Anyone who shows up at the screening without a prior reservation will be asked to leave... politely.

2. Only 50 attendees are permitted due to COVID-19 restrictions. That includes me and my crew, so the actual number of available "tickets" is just over 40. That means if you want to reserve a spot at the screening, faster would be better.

3. Your $15 donation gets you 5 entries in each regular raffle and 1 entry in the "door-prize" raffle. If you've never seen the film before, you'll also be entered in our "first-time viewers" raffle.

4. If you have a reservation for the screening, you'll be notified approximately 24 hours in advance of the exact time and location of the event, either by email or text message or both.

5. If you come to the screening, you must wear a mask and observe social distancing. No exceptions!

6. If you select the "donation only" option, you'll receive 2 entries in each of the regular raffles for every $5 you donate. You cannot enter the "door-prize" or "first-time viewers" raffles by selecting this option, but you don't have to be present to win one of the regular raffles if you select this option either.

7. Each of our regular raffle prize baskets will be unique, but they'll be as similar as possible in value and shininess. We know we're asking you to purchase entries for our raffles sight-unseen this year, so you have our word as Browncoats that we'll make 'em worth your while (and money).

8. All raffle winners will be chosen in advance using a random number generator and announced at the screening.

9. The deadline for getting your movie reservations and raffle entries is 6pm EDT on Friday, September 4.

That about covers it. I hope to see you in South Park on Saturday, September 5 for "Serenity Under the Stars."


Stay safe and keep flyin'.


-- Cap'n Chris


CSTS Pittsburgh 2020 "Serenity under the Stars" September 5

Posted by Chris on August 9, 2020 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)



I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. I wanted to give you another update on what we're doing to bring a Can't Stop the Serenity charity screening to Pittsburgh this year.


With the help of our sponsors Geek Frontiers (who generously paid for the licensing of the movie) and Jump Cut Theater (who is assisting with online ticket sales) we are all manner of pleased to announce we'll be presenting "Serenity under the Stars" on Saturday, September 5 in Allegheny County's South Park, with all proceeds benefiting Equality Now and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.


We'll be screening the movie outdoors in a field adjacent to a grove in South Park. Attendees will have to bring their own blankets or chairs to sit on, as well as their own food and beverages. No alcohol or glass containers will be permitted, by order of the Allegheny County Parks Department.


We will still have a limited number of raffles, including a "door prize" and our traditional raffle for those seeing the movie for the first time. All donations will be made electronically prior to the event, so the need for "cashy money" at the screening will be completely eliminated. We are currently working with Jump Cut Theater to set up online donations through their website. The plan is that there will be a donation option to "purchase" admission to the film, which will include automatic entries in the raffles, as well as a raffle-only donation option for those who can't make it to the screening or just want to purchase additional raffle entries. Those who have made the appropriate movie donation will be sent the time and location of the screening electronically in advance of the event (similar to London's famed "Secret Cinema" events). I will send everyone a wave when movie and raffle tickets are available online, but in the meantime, keep checking the home page and the "Tickets/Merchandise" page of this site for updates. (Sorry, but for the health and safety of all in attendance, there will be no games this year, only a screening and announcements of the raffle winners.)


We are required to follow all PA health and safety guidelines with regards to COVID-19 as a condition of our licensing agreement. That means that we will have to limit our attendance to a maximum of 50 individuals (which includes me and my crew). Also, social distancing and the wearing of masks will be required at all times. Let's talk about that for a minute. I'm the Cap'n, and this isn't the ruttin' town hall. When I say masks are required, I ain't sayin' that with a wink and a nod. I mean it! No exceptions! We had to go to a lot of trouble to arrange for this event, including paying a licensing fee that was 50% higher because we're screening the Big Damn Movie outdoors. Wearing a mask isn't bending the knee to the powers that be; it's protecting yourself and your fellow Browncoats. The way I see it, masks are body armor for your lungs, and Zoe Washburne would tell anybody that a real soldier isn't too proud to put on body armor. So, I'm asking everybody to mask up so we can have a good time together watching a movie we all love, without any casualties besides those on the screen. I have it on good authority that Pittsburgh is currently the only city in the world that has a live CSTS screening planned, but in order for that to happen, it's going to take everyone's cooperation in making sure we all follow the mandated health and safety guidelines. If there's a reason why that won't work for you, then I reckon you're someone who might want to select the "raffles only" option when we get the ticket sales up and running.


And while you're waiting for those ticket sales to go live, don't forget that Can't Stop the Serenity has finally kicked off its global merchandise sale for 2020, which is a great way to show support for the organization and your Browncoat pride while generating revenue for Equality Now. There is a link to the global merchandise sale on the Tickets/Merchandise page of this site. They are promising a much faster turnaround time for orders this year (I ordered one last week and have already been notified that it's on its way), and as in past years you can choose the style and color of the shirt you want to order. This year's logo is shiny, and the shirts have a two-sided design again this year. I urge you do give 'em a look and consider supporting Equality Now by picking one up.


So, that's how it is. I'll be in touch again as soon as online ticket sales go live. Until then, stay safe and keep flyin'.


-- Chris



CSTS Pittsburgh 2019-- Thank you!

Posted by Chris on August 6, 2019 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (10)


Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who attended this year's Can't Stop the Serenity event at the Parkway Theater on August 4. Although there weren't as many people in attendance as there were a year ago, we still managed to raise $679.00 for Equality Now, which confirms what we already knew--- Pittsburgh's Browncoats are a small but devoted group with all kinds of heart! Thanks to my crew and to all who attended for making it a mighty fine shindig and helping us do good works, and thanks again to our sponsors, Geek Frontiers and Jump Cut Theater.

Congratulations to the winners of our raffles:

Mal's loot- Brandon Ketchum

Jayne's loot- Susan Mazur

Zoe's loot- Karen Tobias

Wash's loot- Karen J. Hay

Kaylee's loot- Paul Bialozor

River's loot- Rikki Cherry

Simon's loot- Sara McClelland

Shepherd Book's loot- Stephen Wojtowytsch

Inara's loot- Karen Tobias

Serenity's cargo- Kate Zingarelli

Firefly Fluxx- Chris Anderson

Online Only Early-Bird Door Prize (leather bound Firefly journal)- Paul Bialozor

If you were at the event this year, we'd be all manner of grateful if you'd take a few minutes to give us your feedback by filling out the following survey:


Please be truthsome. Your honest comments help us make the event better for you moving forward. We'll be collecting responses until August 14.

That's it for now, but we are conjuring a couple of additional events to get the brigade together in a more social capacity in the coming months. Once we have a plan (or even like 12% of a plan), I'll be sure to send y'all a wave.

Until then, keep flyin',


CSTS Patches (and Tickets) on Sale Now!

Posted by Chris on July 30, 2019 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It's hard to believe that our 14th annual Can't Stop the Serenity charity screening is less than a week away. Before we commence misbehavin', there are a couple of things I want to let you know about.

First of all, Can't Stop the Serenity is selling patches with the 2019 logo design on their global website. The patches are $15.00 each, but the price does drop somewhat depending upon how many you order. They are a high-quality, multi-color, iron-on patch, and shipping is included in the price. We will not have any available as prizes for this year's Pittsburgh event like we have in the past, because they just went on sale and will not ship in time, so if you want one, you have to go about gettin' it your own self. Here's the link:


While you're there, you can also by CSTS apparel and posters. I'd talk up the shirts, but you'll see I've apparently already done that on the global page. One note about that: I am not a 14-year veteran CSTS captain. I'm only a 6-year veteran captain. Pittsburgh is a 14-year veteran CSTS city. That was global's error, and no disrespect was meant to Cate or Miche, who were doing mighty fine captainy things before I was even a member of this brigade. CSTS global was contacted about the error. Hopefully they'll correct it soon.

And that brings us to this Sunday. Don't forget: doors at the Parkway Theater in McKees Rocks open at noon for games and raffles, movie screens at 2pm. We'll have lots of shiny prizes, and there's a bar (with the kinds of food and drinks bars have) and a microbrewery on site. An advance "ticket" requires a $25 donation to Equality Now (because them's the folk for whom we do what we do) and will get you a movie ticket, an 8-play Blue Sun game card and 10 raffle tickets, and it'll also enter you in an early bird online-only raffle for a shiny door prize. You can always get tickets at the door, but remember, the theater only seats 45, so if you want to be sure to have a seat for the Big Damn Movie, buy early. You can do that on the calendar paget at the website of our sponsor, Jump Cut Theater:  http://www.jumpcuttheater.org

That's all. Hope to see you Sunday.

Keep flyin',


CSTS 2019 merchandise is now on sale!

Posted by Chris on June 5, 2019 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Anyone who wishes to purchase a CSTS 2019 t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie or poster can do so now through represent.com.  Profits from the sale of CSTS apparel will go to Equality Now, and now you can choose not only the style of your shirt, but the color as well. This year's design is two-sided and even mentions CSTS Pittsburgh! The sale of official CSTS 2019 merchandise has already begun. This year, items will begin shipping on June 12 and will ship on a rolling basis, so you won't have to wait for the end of a production run as was the case for the past two years.

You can order your official CSTS merchandise at https://represent.com/store/cantstoptheserenity

That is all.  As you were.

Keep flyin',


Vote Now for CSTS 2019 Artwork

Posted by Chris on March 31, 2019 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Can't Stop the Serenity is holding a vote for artwork for the 2019 CSTS logo.  This is the design that will be used for all CSTS advertising and merchandise this year, including t-shirts and patches.  Those who would like to vote for their favorite design can do so now through April 8 by clicking on the following link:


What to get that Browncoat or Slayer on your holiday shopping list/Steel City Con reminder

Posted by Chris on November 17, 2018 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Ni-hao, everybody!

With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to let you all know that Geeky Jerseys has reissued their Browncoats hockey jersey and Slayers baseball jersey, in case you might want to pick one up as a gift for yourself or your Whedony friends.

The Browncoats jersey is customizable, and you can even add a captain's C. I own one of these, and the quality is equal to or better than what the NHL is currently selling, but for about half the price.  (This site does its links really weird, so click on the second highlighted link to get a look.)

https://www.geekyjerseys.com/product.php?id=265" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://https://www.geekyjerseys.com/product.php?id=265

The Slayers jersey isn't customizable. You get the number 97 (for the year "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" debuted) and the name Summers (for the Slayer herself) on the back. The price is about equal to what you'll pay for a comparable MLB jersey.  (Again, click on the second link for a preview.)

https://www.geekyjerseys.com/product.php?id=269" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://https://www.geekyjerseys.com/product.php?id=269

Also, don't forget that Steel City Con is taking place December 7-9 in Monroeville (your vacation destination). Guests include the Hero of Canton himself, Adam Baldwin, as well as "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's" Henry Simmons and Natalia Cardova. For more information and tickets, go to www.steelcitycon.com.

On behalf of the CSTS Pittsburgh crew and the Rivers & Bridges Brigade of the PA Browncoats, I wish you all a very safe and shiny Thanksgiving.

Keep flyin',


CSTS Pittsburgh Encore Event: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Con Man October 6 at the Flying Squirrel in Carnegie

Posted by Chris on September 16, 2018 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Our "Serenity" screening was a mighty fine shindig, but the Rivers and Bridges Brigade of the PA Browncoats ain't done yet! We're back for our second CSTS Pittsburgh event of 2018 on Saturday, October 6 at The Flying Squirrel in Carnegie, PA, and this time we're conjuring up a horrible con!

Doors will open at 5:30pm for ice cream, popcorn, and screenings of both "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" (6:15pm) and season one of Alan Tudyk's series "Con Man" (7:30pm). We'll also have two "Horrible Nerd Baskets" to raffle off that'll include a passel of shiny prizes. Admission requires a $10 donation, and all proceeds from the event will benefit Equality Now and Jump Cut Theater.

Cosplay isn't required, but always encouraged. :)

The Flying Squirrel is the new home of Jump Cut Theater, our newest sponsor and the former managers of what used to be everyone's favorite independent movie theater in Dormont. It's located at 241 East Main Street in Carnegie, PA (15106). We hope to see you there on October 6.

Keep flyin',


("Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” screened by permission from Time Science Blood Club, LLC. ©Time Science Blood Club, LLC. All rights reserved.)

CSTS Pittsburgh 2018- Thank you!

Posted by Chris on August 13, 2018 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the cap'n speaking...

I just wanted to send a quick wave to say xie-xie (thank you) to everyone who came to our 13th annual Can't Stop the Serenity shindig at the Parkway Theater last Sunday, August 5. I can now announce (unofficially, anyway, until it's confirmed by CSTS Global) that our event pulled in $1,095 for Equality Now!

That is a truly amazing total, especially for a town our size. I am so grateful to everybody who contributed in any way. Thanks to Geek Pittsburgh, Jump Cut Theater, the Parkway Theater, my crew and everyone who came to the event.

Also, be sure to check out the article about CSTS Pittsburgh in today's SEEN section of the Post-Gazette.


We appreciate the Post-Gazette's boosting our signal, so we'll even forgive them for confusing Jayne Cobb with Shepherd Book!

And don't forget, we'll be contributing a Dr. Horrible poster signed by Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day to the CSTS Global auction later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

That's all for now. As you were.

Keep flyin',