Steel City charity screenings for Equality Now


CSTS Pittsburgh 2017 is this Sunday at the Hollywood Theater!

Posted by Chris on July 24, 2017 at 9:45 AM


Can you believe we're less than one week away from CSTS Pittsburgh? I know I can't. My crew and I are all kinds of busy getting ready for Sunday's shindig. Here are some last-minute things we think you need to know:

The doors open at noon. There won't be any live entertainment this year, so you'll have a full two hours before the movie to play games, win prizes and get your tickets in for the raffles. We'll have four games this year-- Zoe's Shootin' Gallery, Badger's Dodgy Dice, Jayne's Grenade Throw and Kaylee's Sprocket Toss. We'll be using the Blue Sun Credit cards for game play again this year, which you'll be able to purchase along with raffle tickets. It's free to get in, but you'll still need to make at least a $10 donation to Equality Now/the Wooten Center to see the movie, and we will have a special raffle for those who've never seen the film before, so if you bring someone who's never seen Serenity, make sure they tell the volunteer at the box office that they want to enter the first-timers' raffle.

Parking should not be an issue. We have received permission again this year to park in the parking lot of the church across the street from the Hollywood Theater, but ONLY AFTER 12:30PM. Please do not violate this rule. North Way Christian Community has been very welcoming to us for the past several years, and we don't want to spoil that relationship. Dong ma? If you get there before 12:30pm, you can either park on the street or in any of the other public lots near the Hollywood, since there is no charge to park on Sundays.

The event is BYOB. However, if you're going to enjoy the best of beverages that make you blind, please do so responsibly, and please be respectful of the Hollywood Theater's rules regarding alcohol, which are that you should stick to beer and wine, dispose of all bottles properly (we hope that one's obvious) and refrain from taking alcohol into the balcony of the theater. And of course, in the state of PA you have to be 21 to drink alcohol, so if you're a minor, you'll have to stick to the water and soda that's available at concessions.

Costumes are encouraged, and we're not the type to get jumpy about replica weapons. We just ask that if you are bringing that replica blade or firearm as an accessory for your costume, please be judicious about where and how you wear it outside the theater. We reckon other Dormont establishments won't be expecting their Sunday afternoon patrons to show up armed, and we wouldn't want to contribute to any dramatic misunderstandings.

And finally, we want to remind you that the only food and beverages available at the event are movie concessions (popcorn, candy and the like), so if you're thinking you might get a bit peckish, you'll want to eat a late breakfast or early lunch before coming to the shindig. We don't have any official after-party planned, but the crew will likely be heading over to Fredo's Deli (right next door to the Hollywood) after we close everything down. They have very good food, and have been very friendly to CSTS Pittsburgh in the past, so we don't see why we'd need to go anywhere else to grab ourselves dinner. They're open until 7pm, so if you're thinking of grabbing a meal after the movie, you might want to consider joining us.

That's about it. I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday at high noon for the 12th annual Can't Stop the Serenity Pittsburgh charity screening.

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